CIAW calls for greater and more effective federal investments in our nation’s skills so more U.S. businesses can find the skilled workers they need to compete globally, and so all U.S. workers can share in and contribute to our country’s economic prosperity.

We recognize the challenges that national policymakers face in managing the federal budget and stretching limited resources. Nevertheless, we challenge these policymakers to win the global skills race by investing comprehensively in the nation’s workforce in order to:

Strengthen Our Ability to Compete in the Global Economy

America’s competitive position in the global economy depends upon the skills of its workforce. To stay ahead, we need broader and more effective investments that enable our workforce to continually increase its skills and adapt to global economic shifts.

Help U.S. Businesses Grow and Create Jobs

America’s entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force that fuels our economy and provides employment opportunities for millions. Yet even with high unemployment, too many U.S. employers cannot find workers with the skills needed to compete, innovate, and expand their market shares.   

Support and Leverage Community Resources

Federal investments should recognize and leverage the resources provided by community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and public institutions that understand the needs of the communities they serve.

Help Everyone Contribute to and Share in our National Prosperity

Our workforce is comprised of a richly diverse set of people—including youth, adults, men and women; people of all cultures and races; people who are low-income or of limited educational background; disconnected youth; people with disabilities; returning service members, veterans and their families; dislocated and older workers; and people who have been involved with the justice system. We need a robust array of skill-building programs that can help all of these workers train for emerging jobs, continue to learn on the job, and advance in careers that help them support their families and pursue their personal dreams.