CIAW Statement on Proposed Rescission Package

CIAW Statement on Proposed Rescission Package

Weeks after approving a bipartisan funding bill for fiscal year 2018, the Administration has set forth a $15 billion rescission package to be considered by Congress. On behalf of our coalition members, the Campaign to Invest in America’s Workforce (CIAW) opposes this package and calls on Congress to reject these funding cuts.

More than $7 billion in cuts would come from the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education (LHHS-ED) funding bill via reductions in unobligated funds under the Children’s Health Insurance Fund and the Child Enrollment Contingency Fund. Each year, Congress utilizes a portion of unobligated funds to reinvest in discretionary programs under LHHS-ED. Rescinding those funds would decrease the pool of available resources for workforce programs and could ultimately lead to programmatic funding cuts in fiscal year 2019 and beyond.

In February, Congress passed a bipartisan budget agreement that provided additional resources for defense and nondefense discretionary programs in fiscal years 2018 and 2019. The budget agreement represented months of negotiation and provided the parameters necessary for Congress to pass its belated 2018 funding bill. To once again consider funding relative to fiscal year 2018 undermines this agreement and bipartisan support needed to complete the 2018 appropriations process. Additionally, it creates uncertainty regarding available resources for fiscal year 2019, hampering work that is already underway.

CIAW urges Congress to uphold the recently passed fiscal year 2018 appropriations bill and oppose the Administration’s rescission package.

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